Prices and offers

Here you’ll find our prices and the different driver licences. The amount of your practice lessons depends on your personal and individual skills and how fast you learn your lessons. An average number of lessons is about 20 hours to be ready for your driving exam.

With our little application you can calculate your costs for your driver’s license. Please understand that this calculation is just a guidance because we don’t know good your skills are or how fast you learn.

We’re working for your safety, not just for the driver’s license exam. We’re cooperating with the „Fahrlehrerverband Baden-Württemberg“. We have principles and we stand for quality in education.

Class A / A 2 A1 AM B BE
Base fee and participation in the theory lessons 400 400 400 400 200
Fee for theory exam (theory exam repeat = 140,- €) 70 70 70 70
Fee for praxis exam 220 220 220 190 210
Fee for praxis lessons (price per hour) 70 70 70 60 63
12 lessons set by law (5 lessons for class BE) 80 80 70 73